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Lemonade hip hop jewelry has become popular in recent years starting from rap artist Gucci Mane. Lemonade jewelry refers to canary yellow stones on gold metal jewelry. has just released a full line of totally iced out lemonade bling bling rings. These hip hop rings are designed after genuine diamond jewelry. All yellow stones are lab created CZ stones which shine like real diamonds but at a small fraction of the cost. Each stone is hand set into the metal (no glue) and the ring is dipped in 24k gold for a brilliant shine. These bling bling rings have breathing holes in the back to maximize the shine of the stones. These custom rings are made to look and feel exactly like the genuine gold and diamond versions. Why pay thousands for just one real diamond ring when you can spend less than $30 to get nearly the same look. Don't waste your time with the fly-by-night guys, get better hip hop jewelry for lower prices at Please check our selection below.