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So you want an iced out watch like a high profile rapper, but you don’t want to spend the cash. You don’t want to get a fake watch because you don’t want people questioning you and you don’t want to get embarrassed. We have the perfect solution. Introducing our line of genuine diamond hip hop watches. These watches are made with real diamonds, and guess what, they are affordable! You’ll be shocked at our prices for real diamond watches. Imagine YOU, rocking an iced out genuine diamond watch at the clubs and restaurants. You’ll look like a VIP and you got the real ice on your wrist to back up that look.

You’re getting the same quality, look and feel as those genuine diamond watches with $10,000+ price tags. The diamonds on the watches are the secret to our exclusive low prices. Instead of using high demand big diamonds, which are used to make every form of jewelry, our watches are only set with smaller stones, which are more abundant and lower priced. That keeps costs low and that keeps you looking good for less cash!

We carry all the popular styles for real diamond hip hop watches. The designs feature large and heavy oversized cases, big faces and quality colored bands. Take your pick, and get yourself a genuine diamond watch for much less cash then you thought. Step out in style 7 days a week!