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In this section we feature our most popular gold pendants but in smaller form. Many of you have asked us for smaller versions of our bling because you want something that looks more subtle and clean. You wanted to rock nice bling but you didn’t want to go overboard and look like a rapper in a music video. These small style pendants are great for wearing casually without going over the top. They are made with the most popular styles and the same quality as our other jewelry. The small pendants are made with a alloy metal core and is plated with a thick layer of genuine 24k gold. The finish and color you get looks just like real gold. It also comes with a free 24 inch Figaro chain, which is an all time popular and classic chain. These pendants will be ready to wear once you receive them. Another benefit of these pendants are that they are smaller, so your friends will believe that it’s real. Its much harder to pull off a huge pendant that you claim is $5000. These give you a nice clean look and it gives you a realistic appearance. Don’t worry though, they will still have enough bling to catch the attention of your friends and get you compliments all day long. Cop yours today!