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    Hip Hop Earrings

    Welcome to our earrings collection. We have perhaps the largest selection of hip hop style iced out earrings on the internet. Whether you’re looking for a simple CZ stud earring or a highly detailed set modeled after your favorite pendant, you’ll see it here. For some of our classic all time best sellers, check out the iced out collection 2. For those who want clean looking studs with quality CZ stones, check out the sterling silver collection or the 14k gold collection. Of course, if you’re looking for some real bling bling, the crème de la crème, check out our micropave earrings collection. Those are the finest earrings on the planet with highly detailed stone settings on top of rhodium coated sterling silver. Whatever kind of men’s earrings you’re looking for, we’ve got them here at prices that’ll beat any physical jewelry store. Hip hop style earrings are relatively new to the jewelry world. The earlier types of earrings were tiny pendant style earrings made in gold or silver. These would usually dangle and they were popular among guys in the 80s. Then in the 90s many male hip hop fans turned to stud type earrings to show off that shiny blinging rock. The problem was that the stones on the earrings were poor quality and because they were so large, you can easily see cloudiness and inherent flaws. More recently, jewelry designers have began creating earrings as if they were painting the mona lisa, with style and purpose. These new types of earrings are truly unique and stylish, many featuring tiny details and a multitude of hand set stones. They were made to look like smaller versions of some of the popular pendants that men wear. For those who like the classic look of the stud earrings, we’ve brought those back but fixed the original problem. We simply used more expensive, higher quality stones. Our stud earrings use genuine CZ stones, instead of plastic or cheap glass diamond replicas. The CZs have the shine and clarity of a genuine diamond without the cost. Now you can wear CZ studs without embarrassment. The latest to our earrings collection is the hottest in bling bling jewelry. Micropave jewelry is sweeping the industry. It is a type of setting that uses hundreds of CZ stones on one piece of jewelry. The labor is intensive but the result is breathtaking. Check out all of our earring collections to find something that suits your needs
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