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Ladies if you want to shine like a star but don’t have the same bank account as J-Lo or Angelina Jolie, here’s a great solution. Tennis bracelets are always hot and they are the most popular diamond bracelets that women wear. They are versatile so you can wear them casually or at a fancy dinner. These bracelets in this section will have you turning heads all day or night. They are made exactly like the real gold and platinum diamond bracelets. They have the same details and the same finishes, including a secure locking clasp. The stones are so good, that even jewelers need to use a loupe to be sure they aren’t real diamonds. That means no one can say for sure just with the naked eye that they are fake. They shine THAT nice! All the stones are set like real diamonds, not glued like cheaper stuff. White versions are plated with rhodium, just like how real white gold bracelets are. The yellow versions are plated with 24k gold for that brilliant finish. Check out our full selection now and place that order. Guys if you’re browsing this section and you’re wondering if there’s anything better to give your girl, look no further. Order a tennis bracelet and you’ll look like prince charming.