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Ladies, we’ve released a line of fashion watches just for you. If you’ve always wanted that Hollywood A-list look, now is your chance to get that look at a price you can afford. These watches are all designed just like the high end designer watches that are on the wrists of today’s hottest divas. They look and feel like they cost a ton of money, but like the rest of our store, we offer you lots of bling for little cash. Our watches are made with good materials like alloy metal, genuine leather bands and Japanese movements. The inside mechanism are reliable Japaanese parts that’ll last you years as long as you change the battery. The glass is a mineral glass crystal that looks great and also protects the dial. On watches that are studded with stones, those gorgeous simulated diamonds are installed by hand and they have a great shine. When the light hits them, you get that glamorous diamond watch look instantly. These watches give you the latest trends and styles at prices so affordable that you can buy many different looks and colors to match up with your outfits. That’s why they are called fashion watches! Just don’t let your friends know they were so affordable, they might want to borrow them all the time. Order your fashion watch today and we’ll ship it out in just 24 hours.