Large Cushion Iced Out VVS Moissanite Ring .925 Sterling Silver

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Large Cushion Iced Out VVS Moissanite Ring .925 Sterling Silver.  This iced out Moissanite ring is simply breathtaking and displays an incredible bling bling shine.  We insisted on using the finest Moissanite stones available to craft this perfect high end 'diamond' bling bling Moissanite Micro Pave iced out ring.  Moissanite stones are carbon based stones just like real Diamonds.  The benefit of our Moissanite hip hop jewelry is that you get a better shine for much less money than genuine Diamonds.  Our Moissanite Stones have a higher refractive index than real Diamonds and rank 9-9.5 on Mohs hardness scale.  

Metal: .925 Sterling Silver

Stone: Moissanite

Cut: Round Full Cut

Clarity: VVS

Color: D (Colorless)

Carat Weight:  12.00 Carats

Width:  23MM

Weight:  16.7 Grams

Setting:  Prong Setting

Finish:  White Gold or Yellow Gold

*Beats Many Commonly Used Diamond Testers

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Moissanite Loose Stones Melee VVS D 1.00 Carat Total Weight All Sizes HipHopBling


  • Doesn't tarnish or fade ✅

  • Passes diamond testers 💎

  • Shines brighter than diamonds ✨

  • GRA Certified Moissanite Stones 🧪

  • Costs 10x less than diamonds 🤑

 Moissanite Diamonds
Hardness Mohs Scale 9.25 10
Brilliance Refractive Index (RI) 2.65-2.69 2.42
Fire Dispersion 0.104 0.044
Cost $$ $$$$$$
More Info on the Specifications

Notice in the table above Moissanites have a 9.25 rating on the hardness scale, as opposed to Genuine Diamonds at 10.

But, Moissanites score higher than Genuine Diamonds on the Brilliance Refractive Index, as well as Fire Dispersion.

This means Moissanites reflect more light than Genuine Diamonds, and that they provide a more Red colorful sparkle than Diamonds.

In short - your Moissanite Stones will look like a FIREWORK next to Genuine Diamond Stones.

Bonus! Because Moissanites contain some silicon, it is also less likely to attract grease or dirt than Genuine Diamonds. That means Moissanites will sparkle more in between cleanings, too.

How can we help?

Moissanite Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions about Moissanite

What is Moissanite?

Moissanite is a gemstone composed of silicon carbide. Originally discovered in meteorite fragments, it's now primarily lab-created, offering exceptional brilliance and fire that rivals natural gemstones.

How is Moissanite different from diamonds and other gemstones?

Moissanite differs from diamonds in its chemical composition and optical properties. It is more brilliant (sparkly) and has a higher refractive index (fire) than diamonds. Unlike many gemstones that are mined, Moissanite is lab-created, making it a more environmentally friendly option.

Does Moissanite pass diamond testers?

Yes. HipHopBling Moissanite Jewelry passes common diamond testers. Diamond testers rely on conductive properties to yield results, and Moissanite shares almost identical conductive characteristics with diamonds.

What is the origin of Moissanite?

Moissanite was first discovered in 1893 by French scientist Henri Moissan in a meteor crater. Today, Moissanite sold in jewelry is synthetically produced in laboratories to ensure purity and quality.

What materials are used in your products?

HipHopBling Moissanite Jewelry is made using genuine materials including .925 Silver, 10K Gold and 14K Gold with D-Color VVS Moissanite stones.

For solid gold and genuine diamond jewelry, please click here.

Why choose Moissanite over diamonds?

Many choose Moissanite for its ethical sourcing, affordability, and superior optical properties. It offers a durable, brilliant alternative to diamonds at a fraction of the cost.

What are the benefits of choosing Moissanite?

The benefits of choosing Moissanite include its cost-effectiveness, ethical production, exceptional durability, and brilliant sparkle. It's an ideal choice for those seeking luxury and sustainability.

How does the price of Moissanite compare to diamonds?

Moissanite is significantly less expensive than diamonds. Depending on size and quality, Moissanite can cost anywhere from 10% to 30% of a diamond's price.

Do you provide financing?

Yes. We've partnered with several Buy Now, Pay Later companies and financing providers.

See more details at the payment step of the checkout.

Will Moissanite lose its shine with time?

No. HipHopBling VVS D-Color Moissanite is not more susceptible to clouding than diamonds. In fact, due to its high durability and resistance to oils and dirt, Moissanite is less likely to become cloudy compared to other gemstones.

With the right maintenance, Moissanite can stay brilliantly clear and sparkling throughout its lifetime.

Is Moissanite ethically sourced?

Yes, since Moissanite is lab-created, its production does not involve the ethical or environmental issues associated with mining. This makes it a popular choice for those concerned with sustainability.

Where do you source your Moissanite from?

Our Moissanite is sourced from reputable laboratories that specialize in creating high-quality gemstones with advanced technology, ensuring both ethical practices and superior quality.

What ethical practices are involved in the sourcing of Moissanite?

The production of Moissanite involves strict adherence to environmental and labor regulations, minimizing environmental impact and ensuring fair labor practices.

Product Specific Questions

Can Moissanite be used in all types of jewelry settings?

Yes, Moissanite is versatile and can be set in a variety of jewelry styles, from classic to modern designs. Its durability makes it suitable for everyday wear in all settings.

What are the most popular settings for Moissanite in hip hop jewelry?

In hip hop jewelry, popular Moissanite settings include large solitaire pendants, iced-out rings, and bold statement pieces that feature pavé or bezel settings to enhance the stone's visibility and sparkle.

Moissanite Care and Maintenance

How do I care for Moissanite jewelry?

Moissanite jewelry should be cleaned regularly to maintain its brilliance. Use a mild soap solution and a soft brush, then rinse under warm water and dry with a soft cloth.

Are there special care instructions for Moissanite?

While Moissanite is durable, it's best to avoid harsh chemicals and extreme temperatures. Store it separately to prevent scratches from other pieces of jewelry.

How should I clean and store my Moissanite jewelry?

Clean Moissanite with mild soap and warm water, using a soft brush. Store it in a padded jewelry box or a cloth pouch to prevent scratches.

Does Moissanite wear down over time?

Moissanite is extremely durable and resistant to scratching and abrasion. With proper care, it will maintain its appearance for a lifetime.

How durable is Moissanite compared to other gemstones?

Moissanite is one of the hardest gemstones used in jewelry, second only to diamonds. It ranks highly on the Mohs scale of mineral hardness, making it suitable for daily wear.

What kind of wear and tear can I expect with daily use?

Under normal daily use, Moissanite should not exhibit significant wear and tear. It will remain sparkling and intact, resistant to the common stresses of daily activities.

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