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    Tungsten Rings

    What you see if our new line of Tungsten rings. Tungsten is a very unique hard metal and gives off a contemporary look from what you can see. This hard metal is 7 times harder than stainless steel and 4 times harder than titanium. The hardness of the metal can match the toughness of diamonds! Tungsten rings are super popular for men and women to wear as a fashion item or wedding band. Also many people are using Tungsten rings as promise rings because of its economical cost and its stunning looks. This metal is very eye catching and is sophisticated looking. When wearing Tungsten rings there are no worries of corrosion, fading, rusting, or allergies. Each ring is polished to perfection to give off an incredible shine just like any fine jewelry. Our Tungsten rings are all hand inspected before shipping so we assure that every piece is up to our standards.
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