Raz-B, Fizz, J-Boog, and Omarion. B2K the Multi-Platinum legendary R&B group has reunited after 15 years! March through May 2019 the quintessential R&B Boys group of the 2000's is back performing classics that you know and love. 

The Pandemonium continues! adds, Damuer H. Leffridge, Managing Partner, Blvd. Music. The undeniable and highly desired unification of B2K is finally here. It’s been a long journey and we are excited to make this tour happen for the fans. B2K’s supporters’ relentless petition for a reunion tour did not fall on deaf ears. Through collaborative efforts, B2K answered the call. The stage is set. The journey continues. Get ready for the triumphant return of B2K.” 

- [Source: B2K Facebook

While we haven't heard from B2K officially in over a decade, their beats and bars have remained at the top of streaming playlists since, having fundamentally influenced R&B and the music industry. You've heard “BUMP, BUMP, BUMP”, “Uh Huh”, “What A Girl Wants”, “Why I love You” and “Girlfriend,” these tracks lit the airwaves on fire making B2K one of the most sought after groups in the 2000's.

On December 20th, 2018 it was announced that B2K would be touring for a limited time together in The Millennium Tour. Fans have been clamoring for more of what the group brought back in the 2000's and today the magic continues with the 2019 Millennium tour. With recent 90's Biopics including those for 2Pac and Xscape, and fans clamoring for more, the time is right for a comeback tour. 

While there are currently no new plans for new music as a group, the potential is there- B2K has hinted in interviews that anything is possible in the future. Plenty of surprise appearances have already occurred during The Millennium Tour, who's to say there won't be more?