offers the best Hip Hop Jewelry in the the industry.  With over 15 Years experience in crafting Hip Hop Jewelry pieces including, Teeth Grillz, Iced Out Watches, Hip Hop Chains, CZ Pendants, Rings, and More.  We've sold to hundreds of thousands of customers in 25+ Countries all around the world.  HipHopBling is known for staying on top of the latest trends so you always look right.  We offer an incredible value to our customers because we purchase in large quantity with advanced manufacturing techniques to cut costs and pass the savings onto you.  


Benefits of Hip Hop Jewelry from

  • Experience - 15 Years  in the industry
  • Best Value (Theres people out there selling brass chains for more than we charge for real Silver)
  • Fast Shipping - Most Orders are delivered within 2-4 Business Days
  • Large Selection - Thousands of Styles, Others offer a small fraction of Choices


Over the Years we've seen so many competitors come and go.  It is very important to buy from a trusted source that has been time tested.  We've seen many sales gimmicks such as a "Lifetime Warranty" on Gold Plated Brass Jewelry.  Ask yourself... what does that mean for a company that just started up, will they even be in business to honor it?.