Bling Bling Jewelry

Throughout the roots of hip hop, jewelry has been very popular among artists and industry insiders. Perhaps it was a symbol of wealth, or merly a expression of the hip hop culture itself. While flashy jewelry was always popular, it was relatively isolated until the 90s. During the 90s, bling bling jewelry exploded into a pop culture phenomenon and became a word in webster’s dictionary. The term bling referred to the sparkle of a diamond on a piece of jewelry. If the blinding reflection of light shining among these beautiful stones were to make a sound, bling would epitomize it. Lil Wayne of cash money records is the self proclaimed inventor of the term, topping the charts alongside his crew with the hit single, “bling bling” in the mid 90s. From then on, the momentum of the bling bling jewelry craze has yet to slow down.

Neck Bling

The most popular form of bling bling jewelry is the chain and pendant. More often then not, an elaborate diamond encrusted pendant would be accompanied by a smaller, lower profile hip hop chain. Popular jewelry pieces include crosses, Jesus piece pendants and other religious symbols. The most popular stones used in this type of jewelry are diamonds, gemstones, cubic zirconias, Czech crystal stones and other diamond simulates.

Mouthwear - Teeth Grillz

During the past few years, hip hop grillz have been dominating sales charts as this became the newest form of bling bling jewelry. Demand has been much higher ever since the release of universal fitting grillz from online retailers such as Grillz are available in a variety of different styles and designs, with literally a perfect match for anyone’s taste.

Hand and Wristwear Bling

Iced out watches, hip hop rings and bracelets are a must have and are considered essential pieces of the bling bling jewelry lifestyle. Watches are often highly decorated with vast arrays of multi colored stones and unique designs. Bling bling watches are nothing like mainstream watches. Iced out rings and bracelets are large and bold, showing off quality craftsmanship and liberal use of blinding stones.

Bling bling jewelry doesn’t need to be expensive. For most hip hop artists and Hollywood stars, price is not an issue so they are willing to spend thousands up to even hundreds of thousands on a single piece of this type of iced out jewelry. For the everyday hip hop fan, a better alternative is to purchase replica hip hop jewelry from With the quality of replica jewelry these days, it makes little sense to buy the real deal. You get the same look, feel and great quality hip hop jewelry at a price that anyone can afford.