Cardi B Iced Out Jewelry Cropped Image From Cardi B's official Youtube page

First it was Beyonce, then it was Nicki Minaj; now the premier female Emcee is none other than Cardi B. Crowned at the next “Queen of the Bronx,” Cardi B’s hustle has certainly changed from when she first rose to fame. Originally an Instagram star, Cardi went on to be a standout on Love & Hip-Hop: New York all while releasing two mixtapes- Gangsta Bitch Music, vol 1 & vol 2.

When Bodak Yellow dropped, the world changed for Cardi B- as did her style. The Bronx Queen took from simple dresses to full glam and flash and high end hip hop jewelry. Just like her fiancé Offset, Cardi B loves to be seen in the best way possible, by decking herself out in the hottest bling bling jewelry that money can buy.

Cardi B’s “Bando Emoji” MASSIVE iced out jewelry pendant is a perfect example of her style- the Queen of the Bronx is often seen out in iced out jewelry chains, gorgeous bling bling bracelets and diamond encrusted hip hop jewelry watches. If you’ve scoped Cardi B’s style and want to represent like the new queen of bling , Hip Hop Bling has the dope iced out jewelry to make sure your style is as lit as Cardi B’s.

Cardi B is the first SOLO female rapper ton hit the #1 spot since Lauryn Hill, and the first Dominican descendant to ever grace the top of the chart to boot. Between Super Bowl adds, collabing with Bruno Mars and dropping Bartier Cardi you’d think Cardi B took a note from DJ Khaled- all this woman seems to do is win, no matter what.

Cardi B Discography

  • Studio Albums
    • Invasion of Privacy
      • Scheduled: April 6, 2018
      • Label: Atlantic
  • Lead Artist Singles
    • “Cheap Ass Weave”
    • Stripper Hoe
    • What A Girl Likes
      • Underestimated: The Album
    • Bronx Season
      • Underestimated: The Album & Gangsta Bitch Music, Vol. 2
    • Bodak Yellow
      • Invasion of Privacy
    • MotorSport
      • Culture II
    • Bartier Cardi
      • Invasion of Privacy
    • Finesse (Remix)
    • Be Careful
      • Invasion of Privacy