In today’s game being simply a musician isn’t nearly enough, and Childish Gambino, or Donald Glover has his hand in everything from producing to acting and his Childish Gambino album dropping. Gambino is the definition of multi-talented artist. First known for his comedic script writing for 30 Rock and Community, and most recently for his Solo role, in 2018 Donald Glover is worth roughly $12 Million.

Glover has catapulted his career into the near A-lister status in Hollywood, but he isn’t about flashing his wealth- he lives in a simple $1.3 million mansion in California, and owns a few German made cars, with a few Mercedes and Benz to his name.

Childish Gambino’s name was originally inspired by the WuTang, and he’s been killing it ever since. Whether it’s stand-up or producing the massively popular Atlanta, Childish Gambino’s gonna be a player in the game for some time to come.