Just how much is DJ Khaled worth today? The Miami player has been on the come up for the past half-decade, and the man with the “Keys” has been a ray of sunshine and hustle in the game that’s drawn like minds and talent from across the table- he even got Jay Z and Nas together on a pic.

"My journey in life, I have always been told, 'no,'" Khaled once told Ellen Degeneres on her show. "And I always took them 'nos' and turned them into 'yes,' you know what I am saying? I always believed in my path, my vision. Even though I know you have to go through trials and tribulations in life — but I do know there is sunshine on the other side."

Today DJ Khaled is worth roughly $20 million in 2018.

Whether it’s becoming a best-selling author, a best selling musician or producing some of the hottest hip hop events in the game, DJ Khaled is the definition of the American Dream, a true hustler and deserving of the title We The Best.