Dr Dre Hip Hop Jewelry Discography: Photo Credit Flickr User Jason Persse

Some of hip hops biggest names need no introduction whatsoever- Dr Dre is one of those names. Having been in the game for longer than many of today’s rappers have even been alive, Dre has been instrumental in the formation of a generation of hip hop. We’re not even exaggerating, as the founder and CEO of Aftermath Entertainment, Beats Electronics and former co-owner of Death Row Records, this beast has been around. Andre Romelle Young knows what an OG is truly about, and has the hard hitting hip hop style to match.

Cited as the key figure to popularize west-coast G Funk, Dre has overseen the careers of Eminem, 2Pac, Snoop Dogg, Xzibit, Kendrick Lamar, The Game, 50 Cent and many others. Back in the day Dre rapped with the N.W.A. with Eazy-E, Ice Cube and others, releasing his debut solo album The Chronic back in 1992.

There’s a reason every upcoming artist wants “The Dr.” in on their career- having mentored Snoop Dogg and produced Doggystle and worked directly with Daz Dillinger and Eminem, produced 2Pac’s California Love and N.W.A’s Fuck Tha Police, this Monster is pure money in his decisions, having a deep understanding of what makes rap great.

Thing is, Dre’s style is all about effort and putting up where it matters most. The Dr doesn’t need a show to hide behind, he has his name to stand behind. Hard work, hard hustle and hard effort makes us remember the name- all Dr Dre rolls in is a set of iced out earrings, often just simple bling bling stud earrings. If you’re about that hard hitting hip hop style, hit up Hip Hop Bling for iced out jewelry as fire as Dre’s Flows.

Dre is a perfectionist in his performance, at one point Snoop Dogg told reporters that the Dr. made Bishop Lamont re-record a bard 107 times. The man’s dedication to the game has shown itself in many ways, including a massive $70 Million contribution with Jimmy Lovine to USC Academy of the Arts, technology and Business , "to shape the future by nurturing the talents, passions, leadership and risk-taking of uniquely qualified students who are motivated to explore and create new art forms, technologies, and business models."

Today Dre is more focused on business ventures in Beats than music, but we can hope that this music mogul still has some skin in the game- some would say we Need a Doctor.

Dr Dre Discography:

  • Studio Albums
  • The Chronic
    • Released: December 15, 1992
    • Label: Death Row, Interscope
    • Format: CD, LP, cassette, digital download
  • 2001
    • Released: November 16, 1999
    • Label: Aftermath, Interscope
    • Format: CD, LP, cassette, digital download
  • Compton
    • Released: August 7, 2015
    • Label: Aftermath, Interscope
    • Format: CD, LP, digital download