What’s Eminem’s Net Worth in 2018? How and where does he get his money? Stan has been a player of the game for over a decade, and one of the biggest GOATS to ever drop beats on the mic. Marshall Mathers was born in Missouri, came up in Detroit and starting rapping as early as age 14. Now at age 45, he’s one of the wealthiest rappers in the game.

Slim Shady has a net worth around $190 Million in 2018 according to Wealthy Gorilla and Forbes Magazine, setting him just behind Dr. Dre, Sean Combs and Jay Z.

Over time Eminem has become the best selling rapper of all time. In the 2000’s Eminem sold more than any artist of any genre. Today Marshall Mathers gets the majority of his money from music sales and behind the scenes work in producing, directing and writing.