Although hip hop grillz have are experiencing the highest levels of popularity ever, they have actually been around for many years. It started out during the 80s as rappers such as Big Daddy Kane, LL Cool J and others brought the trend on to the nationwide scene. More often than not, grillz were made out of gold since gold teeth were popular. Only in recent years have rappers begun experimenting, and with the amount of money they have, experimenting was easy. The jewelers to the stars began creating masterpieces set with exotic gemstones and diamonds. This was the newest form of bling bling jewelry.

Diamond grillz were getting hot among the hip hop star community. Even an aspiring rapper by the name of Paul Wall opened up a jewelry shop and began servicing many in the scene. Although the trend was getting hot within rappers and industry leaders, hip hop fans did not have easy access to the grillz seen on their favorite celebs. There were several reasons for this. For one, grillz were extremely expensive and only certain jewelers had the skill to create them. They were made out of gold, platinum and diamonds, all words that don’t associate with the word affordable. In addition to that, it took weeks or even months for the average consumers to even get their grillz if they can afford it. They had to make a mold with dental material, which got very messy. The mold had to be sent back and the grillz finally made and reshipped. The process was so long and involving. Combined with the fact that they were expensive, the average Joe wasn’t able to enjoy the beauty of hip hop grillz.

However, in the last three years or so, universal fitting grillz came onto the scene. Not only were these grillz easy to use, since they fit all teeth, but they were also affordable. The grillz were made with the same material as popular fashion jewelry material, such as the materials used in our chains and pendants. The stones were high quality diamond simulates that were hand set. We offer the highest quality universal fitting grillz, and now you can get a custom fit without the custom wait and price. Each grill comes with a silicone mold that can be heated up and shaped. After it cools, it will fit your mouth perfectly. It’s as simple as that.

There are various grades of quality with these grillz. If you see them for ridiculously low prices, chances are you’re getting a cheap Chinese knockoff. Those grillz will break easily and lose stones and color. Ours are all top quality Korean versions, manufactured by "Best Grillz" with a US Patent Pending. We carry everything from the good stuff to the great stuff, such as the premium versions which are made with brass and top quality stones. Grillz we carry feature boxes and instructions.  Browse our collection for some of the hottest grillz on the planet.