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    Affiliate Program


    Own a website and want to make $$$? Earn money with HipHopBling.com now!


    How you make money

    If you own a website with lots of traffic, you can send your visitors to hiphopbling.com, and we pay you for sales that were generated from you site. We sell high demand and rare items, making it easy for you to earn the maximum revenue your website deserves without having to physically buy these items and resell them. You send us the customer, and we'll close the deal and pay you. It's as simple as that.

    Why Sign up with us?

    • Higher conversion rates than others due to our competitive pricing, large selection and dedication to customer service.

    • Highest commission payout in the industry at 20%.

    • Average sale of $50 due to our large selection of add-on items and our incentives and free products for larger orders.

    • Experience. Hip hop bling has been in this business for over 10 years while the other guys started 3-4 years ago or less.

    • We don't accept phone orders. Phone orders rob you of your commission, so we don't accept them and you get paid for every sale you generate.

    • Easy to sign up. We have two different affiliate networks with the same program, making it easier than ever for you to sign up and start making money now.

    The Difference Our Commission Makes

    Hiphopbling offers an unprecedented 20% commission on all affiliate sales. Our competitors offer 10-15%. This is because our costs are significantly lower than theirs because we buy direct from the source. This also reduces our website prices, leading to more sales. Look at the chart below to see your potential earnings with hip hop bling compared to the other guy's 15% commission. Lets say you get 3 sales per day, at our average sale price of $50. That's $210 worth of commission every week while you'll only earn $157.50 with the other guys. Over the course of twenty weeks, you would have earned over $1000 more with our program and that number grows the longer you stay with us. In addition to a higher commission structure, we often have a higher conversion rate than other sites as well. This is due to our competitive pricing, large selection and dedication to customer service.

    In the long run, you'll get a larger amount of higher ticket sales with a higher commission rate. You'll earn thousands more with us, period. So why go with the other guys and lose money? Sign up with the best and earn the most from your traffic.

    How To Get Started

    Signing up for the best affiliate program in hip hop jewelry is easier than ever. We have partnered with one of the web's largest and most established affiliate networks, Commission Junction to make sign up and monitoring your progress a breeze.

    Click here to sign up for our affiliate program on Commission Junction.