Iced Out Jewelry

Hip hop culture is synonymous with expensive lifestyles. Through music videos, magazine spreads and shows like MTV cribs, we get a glimpse into the life of the multi millionaire hip hop artists. Alongside unbelievable mansions and fast cars, wealthy recording artists are usually seen with large diamond encrusted jewelry, otherwise known as iced out jewelry because the stones literally cover an entire piece of jewelry as if it were as inexpensive as ice cubes. This fascination has gotten the attention of all of hip hop, including fans who want to look just as good as the stars. The problem was, most of the iced out jewelry was in the range of a few thousand up to hundreds of thousands of dollars. That all changed in the late 90s.

Fashion Jewelry

Gold and silver plated jewelry has been around for decades and was usually made as women’s jewelry. As hip hop grew this industry took notice and began to create pieces in larger sizes for men. This was popular during the mid to late 90s, and men were able to purchase jewelry without the high cost of solid gold or silver, and expensive stones. The problem was that old methods of fashion jewelry production were not meant for the massive size of men’s jewelry. They were made with cheap plastic-like base material and quickly plated to make the item look good. Most of the time the finish would wear off quickly or the piece would easily break apart because it was too big. Stones were also glued on without much care, causing them to fall out easily. The focus on the fashion jewelry manufacturers for the most part was to create iced out jewelry that looked good, but not necessarily of high quality.

Replica Iced Out Jewelry

A few years ago there has been a shift in this industry as the hip hop jewelry market grew to enormous proportions. Many online based retailers who experienced massive growth demanded higher quality products from manufacturers. Due to the large demand, the jewelry is now made to high standards with materials and finishes that can even fool jewelers. The base metal is greatly improved and now only heavy alloys are used, and that gives the piece of jewelry a sturdy core, very similar to that of a solid gold piece of jewelry. The designs themselves have been vastly improved to mimic the expensive, custom made iced out jewelry down to the little details. Lastly, the stone quality have been much improved and set better than before. What this creates is a high quality piece of jewelry that not only looks great, but can stand the test of time while impressing those who may hold the piece.

With today’s quality of iced out jewelry, it makes little sense to spend thousands more on a genuine piece, which has much less resale value. Online retailers carry hundreds of different designs with incredible amounts of stones set in elaborate patterns and unique layouts. Experience the high quality hip hop jewelry you deserve at the price that you can afford.