Joe Budden Hip Hop Jewelry: Photo Credit InkwellDesignGroup

Joe Budden, or Joseph Anthony Budden II has always been in the news in one form or another, ever since he started off dropping beats back in 2003. With the massive success of debut album, Budden went on to become a mentor and one of the biggest names in hip hop broadcasting today. His beats, opinions and style are all sought after- after all, some have even gone on to shape hip hop style as we know it.

Pump It Up undoubtedly is Joe Budden’s biggest track to date, although some feel his time with Everyday Struggle to be bigger accomplishments. From mentoring Slaughterhouse to now hosting his own massively successful iTunes podcast, Budden’s been at the front of hip hop culture for more than a decade. With Eminem’s most recent diss in Kamikaze, many fans are hoping for Budden to come out of retirement, but the chances of hearing a slim shady directed diss track are slim.

As part of the hip hop commentators and community, Joe Budden has been on top of hip hop style for years- his commentary alongside DJ Akademiks for years has been legendary. When it comes to hip hop jewelry though Budden isn’t a man for much bling- on rare occasions you’ll see him out in a bling chain or copping a crisp hip hop watch, but the man lets his words do the talking for him.

Today Joe Budden is going strong with his own podcast, along with a partnership with none other than P Diddy. Along with having recently produced State of the Culture, his podcast has begun live tours, with no signs of stopping.

Joe Budden Discography:

  • Studio Albums
  • Joe Budden
    • Released: June 10, 2003
    • Label: Def Jam
    • Formats: CD, digital download
  • Mood Muzik 3: The Album
    • Released: February 26, 2008
    • Label: Amalgam Digital
    • Format: CD, digital download
  • Halfway House
    • Released: October 28, 2008
    • Label: Amalgam Digital
    • Format: CD, digital download
  • Padded Room
    • Released: February 24, 2009
    • Label: Amalgam Digital
    • Formats: CD, digital download
  • Escape Route
    • Released: August 11, 2009
    • Label: Amalgam Digital
    • Format: CD, digital download
  • No Love Lost
    • Released: February 5, 2013
    • Label: Mood Muzik, E1 Music
    • Formats: CD, digital download
  • All Love Lost
    • Released: October 16, 2015
    • Label: Mood Muzik, E1 Music
    • Formats: CD, digital download
  • Rage & The Machine
    • Released: October 21, 2016
    • Label: Mood Muzik, Empire
    • Formats: CD, digital download