How much is Kanye West worth in 2018? Two years after he claimed to be $53 Million in personal debt, the outspoken rapper, producer and designer may very well be on the road to overtaking Jay Z and Sean Combs as the wealthiest rapper in the game.

Ye and his Yeezy partnership with Adidas has been valued at close to $1.5 Billion- upon the drop of Ye, Kanye West sold $500,000 worth of merchandise within 30min corresponding to the related merch line that dropped upon release.

Today due to his Adidas partnership, Yeezy is believed to be valued around $900 Million, as a majority stakeholder in the business this comes as no surprise to many, especially after his wife Kim Kardashian hinted on Jimmy Kimmel Live that her husband would soon reach billionaire status.

Eyes up and hats off to Yeezy, a hustler without a doubt the man has made it big under his own acumen. Today Yeezy continues to put in work and make moves within the music, fashion and political spectrum.