Lil Pump- Photo Credit Youtube Channel  Icebox

Lil Pump is one of the most recent additions to hip hop and is one of the major new names turning the game on its head. With massive success of his Gucci Gang hit, Lil Pump has gained fame and notoriety alike, both for his music and his style. Whether you’re a Pump lover or hater, if you want to rep like him hit up Hip Hop Bling today to turn up your style.

Born as Gazzy Garcia, Lil Pump’s rap career truly took off in 2016 when Smokepurpp asked Pump to freestyle over a track he produced- following quickly with several new tracks, the self-proclaimed  “Lil Pump” soon amassed several million streams on Soundcloud almost overnight.

In 2017 Garcia released D Rose and Boss, gaining him millions of more streams and enough notoriety for a youtube music video and contract deal with Warner Bros Records- while his first debut album under contract was originally delayed, Gucci Gang came out in its place, and a top 3 hit on the Billboard 100 is pretty sweet nonetheless.

Pump’s hip hop jewelry style reflects his upcoming- he’s rolling in the bling bling rings and gold hip hop chains, but we feel that there’ll be even greater iced out pendants in his near future. If you’re looking to represent like Lil Pump himself, hit up Hip Hop Bling to cop his style without a fraction of his “Welcome To The Party” money.

Whether it’s working with Diplo, French Montana or putting out new tracks with Lil Yachty, Pump’s fanbase is only growing and he seems to be here to stay. Still a teenager, if he keeps dropping beats like he’s been doing, we’ll be hearing from him for the next few decades, much less after he becomes old enough to buy his own beer.

Lil Pump Discography:

  • Studio Albums
  • Lil Pump
    • Released: October 6, 2017
    • Label: Tha Lights Global, Warner Bros.
    • Formats: Digital download, CD, cassette
  • Mixtapes
  • Released: July 20, 2018
    • Label: Tha Lights Global, Warner Bros.
    • Formats: Digital download