Micro Pave Jewelry Information

Pave’ setting stems from the word pavement, usually represented by nicely cobblestone paved walkways. The pave’ setting is when a group, or cluster, of stones are set close together to create a unique and forceful shine. This type of setting looks best on white metal, which gives the illusion of a road of glistening stones. This type of setting is used on all types of mainstream jewelry including pendants, bracelets and especially as accents on engagement rings. This setting is unique and beautiful. Recently, skilled jewelers have taken this concept to another level by introducing micro pave. The micro pave setting is basically an “extreme” form of the pave’ setting, where large amounts of small stones are pave’ set very close to one another, created a true masterpiece. Micropave’ pieces are extremely beautiful due to the large number of stones used, which creates a one of a kind shine and fire.

Micropave is a very labor intensive setting process because of the large amount of stones that are used. This is especially true for larger items such as hip hop jewelry. However, the end result is an absolutely stunning piece of jewelry that looks as good as the amount of labor that skilled artisans invested into it.

For cubic zirconia jewelry, the micro pave setting is very rare. This type of setting benefits cubic zirconia jewelry and their owners because it adds an element of realism to the piece. Most manufacturers and jewelers will not bother investing tons of labor hours into a piece of CZ jewelry. Most jewelers will only spend the time to use micropave on genuine diamond products. Therefore while looking at a micro pave cz piece, many would assume that the stones are genuine diamonds. Another downfall for most CZ jewelry besides the cheap settings is the fact that very large stones are used. Most CZ jewelry manufacturers want to create a glamorous look rather than realism. They want to achieve the look of a million bucks. However, the piece of jewelry looks so glamorous that it is assumed to be a fake. It is also quite easy to tell that CZ jewelry is not the genuine article simply by looking at the large stones. If they are each perfect and flawless looking, chances are they are CZ. That can easily be determined without the use of magnification. With the tiny stones used in micropave jewelry, it is much harder to determine whether or not the stones are indeed diamonds without conducting detailed testing. Small diamonds are also inexpensive compared to larger stones. For these reasons, micro pave CZ jewelry is the best in creating a truly high end yet believable look that most CZ jewelry cannot achieve.

Hiphopbling.com recently released a line of genuine sterling silver, micro pave hip hop jewelry. These products are made with genuine sterling silver and coated with a rhodium finish. All products feature a highly detailed micropave setting throughout the entire piece with some pieces containing over 1000 stones. They are made with genuine .925 sterling silver and cubic zirconia hand set micropave stones. These hip hop jewelry products are the most realistic, beautiful and believable pieces of jewelry we’ve ever created. We guarantee that even jewelers will be amazed at the quality of the pieces when comparing it to white gold or platinum versions set with real diamonds.