Moissanite vs. Diamond Earrings

What’s the Difference?


Want to shine bright like a diamond without dropping all that cash?


Introducing, Moissanite earrings.


Moissanite earrings are quickly rising the ranks of popularity these days –– and for good reason. More and more people are starting to realize that Moissanite earrings are not only stylish but offer an amazing value compared to diamond earrings.


Not really sure what Moissanite earrings are? Here’s a quick rundown.


What is Moissanite?


Before it became a popular jewel, Moissanite glistened amongst the stars. The rare mineral was discovered over a hundred years ago from the remains of a meteorite. Jewelry makers recreate its magic out of silicon carbide in labs.


In short, Moissanite looks and shines just like a diamond but with a much friendlier price tag.


Differences Between Moissanite Earrings & Diamond Earrings


So, if they look just alike, what’s the real difference?


  1. Price


This is the most significant difference between the two. For example, our high-quality Moissanite Stud Earrings currently cost $69.95, while one of our most affordable, authentic Cluster Mini Diamond Earrings start at $229.00.


    2.  Shine


Our Moissanite earrings give you a better shine for much less money. Moissanite can create that Instagram-worthy rainbow effect when it hits the perfect lighting.


The Verdict: When Should You Choose Moissanite Earrings?


Moissanite earrings have always been a popular option for those looking to add a splash of sparkle to their look, but they are even more enticing when you consider their affordability and sustainability.


At HipHopBling, we’re all about the sparkle, and Moissanite shines like a disco ball. To put it straight –– most people can’t tell the difference between Moissanite and natural diamonds, so it’s entirely up to your unique taste.


Our Shimmering, High-Quality Moissanite Earrings


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Treat yourself today to beautiful bling that makes any look shine even brighter.


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