Our hip hop chains are designed to replicate custom made styles worn by all your favorite rappers and hip hop celebs. These chains are perfect for any occasion whether you’re just hanging out or partying at the hottest upscale Vegas club. You can get the same look as celebrities for a mere fraction of the cost. Hip hop chains are complex linked chains, and often times require more skill to create than basic link chains. They feature clever, modern designs with a focus on details. The focus is not on just width, but overall thickness. The designs are more like squares or circles than flat, wide designs like basic chains. Also, while many chains tend to have a plain polished finish, or a fancier diamond cut finish at most, these types of chains often feature tiny etchings and engravings. Each and every link is worked on extensively to give you the tiniest details.

Our chains are made with a heavy alloy core, and brass or aluminum on higher end versions. This gives you the heavy, solid feel of a hip hop chain made out of gold or platinum. Each necklace is then plated heavily with 24k gold or rhodium for an outstanding platinum-like shine. Rhodium is the same material used to coat even genuine white gold chains. They come in the most desirable lengths, with the most popular being 36 inches. Each chain has a secure locking clasp to keep it secure around your neck. Check out our incredible growing selection and make your pick today.