In the jewelry world, especially the hip hop jewelry world, personalized jewelry is always in high demand. Personalization is an expression of everyone’s unique tastes, preferences and achievements. For hip hop stars, they turn to jewelers who make custom jewelry for them. The main item of choice is something for the neck, usually a pendant. What you’ll see with hip hop stars are personalized pendants using their name, an alias, a record label a city or anything else that symbolizes a significant part of their lives. When the custom jewelry item is finished, they can wear it with pride on the national scene. Pendants are always noticeable, and they can be seen by millions of people for those who are famous. Think about 50 cent’s custom G-unit spinner medallion. Everyone knows about that pendant. It’s a custom made pendant that cost him tens of thousands of dollars. On there is his record label, which he is his pride and joy. Of course he’d rock something like that rather than a pendant that anyone else can buy.

In recent years, a popular item was the personalized dogtags. Dogtags were always popular and jewelers began to make them with diamonds and other gemstones. Just about every half way successful rapper was wearing one that was personalized. It had a name engraved, or a record label embossed onto it. Cheap imitations were popping up left and right at places like Things Remembered or other websites. The retailers would print photos or custom names onto the dog tag. It was neat, however it was very cheap looking and looked nothing like real jewelry. It was essentially an item with ink printed on.

The thing about personalized jewelry, true, good-looking versions are very expensive. This often required more than a printer or a engraving machine, it required a jeweler. A jeweler would have to design a custom mold based on the design you’re looking for. Most of the time people would make their name or another word of significance. However, the jeweler would have to create a different mold each time to accommodate the word or name that you want. The labor hours would include the actual design time, the process of creating the mold, and then the actual casting of the pendant. Only after all that does the stone setting come in. Imagine if you wanted it iced out and wanted stones all around it. Even if you got it made in the cheapest metal, silver, and fake diamonds, a decent sized personalized pendant would still cost over $1000 when its all said and done.

Luckily for you, personalized jewelry is now available to everyday hip hop fans at an affordable price. Hip Hop Bling just released custom personalized pendants!. These custom name pendants can be made in any name or word. We can deliver them to you fast and you can be rocking a personalized item in just a few days! Our pendants are made to order, but our secret is that we keep each letter in stock. They are extremely high quality and made with a heavy base metal with rhodium coating. The stones are already set onto each letter. What we do for every order is expertly assemble the custom name pendants for you. Check it out and order yours soon!