Rhodium is a highly reflective white metal that was discovered in 1803. It is commonly known as the most expensive metal on earth. The Guinness book’s “world’s most expensive pen” contains rhodium and so does many other of the world’s most valuable items. This extremely hard, durable, and beautiful metal is often used to plate optical instruments, but nowadays the benefits of this unique metal are being used in the jewelry industry.

Rhodium is the finish of choice for top end fine jewelry. Most high end white gold and platinum jewelry seen in boutiques are plated with rhodium. This is because platinum and white gold by itself is beautiful, but over time the finish can be easily scratched and become very dull. This is very true for white gold because high karat gold is often times very soft. Rhodium is an extremely hard metal which is rated a full 6.0 on the Mohs hardness scale. When platinum and white gold is finished with a rhodium plate, an invisible shield is created. The metal bonds very well and doesn’t quickly rub off like what you’d expect most plated items to do. This invisible shield gives years of scratch resistant enjoyment.

In addition to adding a protective layer, the rhodium finish beautifies the piece of jewelry as well. Rhodium is highly reflective and it has a gorgeous deep luster that is a bit darker than white gold, which is just a plain bright white finish. The deep dark luster combined with the high reflection produces a truly unique finish that differentiates the high end products from what can be easily mistaken as stainless steel or silver.

Many of the top end products here at hip hop bling take advantage of this rare and precious rhodium metal. On top of the line micropave sterling silver products, the silver metal is coated with rhodium, just like the top end white gold and platinum jewelry. This is done to give our customers the same benefits of great looks and protection that is enjoyed by the rich and famous. Only pure, genuine rhodium is used in our coating process. Without the rhodium coating, sterling silver jewelry tarnishes rather quickly due to the copper content found in the 925 sterling silver alloy. Sterling silver jewelry is known to scratch up, lose its luster and tarnish. All of these problems are solved when the rhodium coat is applied and the finish is instantly transformed to the exact same finish found in jewelry costing one hundred times more.

Lower end items like brass high class bracelets and pendants also utilize the rhodium finish. This ensures that our customers get the exact look of the high end jewelry. The cheapest replica hip hop jewelry is just silver plated, meaning you get the nice white finish but the end result is a product that looks like silver. Rhodium coated products all look the same, regardless of what metal is underneath. Therefore, our rhodium coated brass or sterling silver products will look exactly like rhodium coated white gold or platinum products. What this also means is there is no way for anyone, including jewelers, to determine that the product is fake by looking at the finish alone.

Hip hop bling invests in top quality rhodium finishing for our high end products to give you the most realistic replica hip hop jewelry on the market.