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    Tech N9ne: Photo Credit Wikimedia user Mizery Made

    With one of the most unique styles of rap, Tech N9ne, or Aaron Dontez Yates has been rapping since many younger rappers have even been alive. Rapping since 1991, Tech spits a unique style of complex rhyming schemes and chopped flows all delivered at a speedy flow. Having seen the rise of many of the rap legends of today, Tech is a survivor, his flow classic, and his style on point- a point for all modern day mumble rappers to take heed of.

    For more than 20 years his lyricism has captivated audiences, ever since he founded Strange Music back in 99’. With more than 2 million albums sold, Tech’s a pure example of underground success- even today he’s out on tour killing it, having just released his 20th studio album in early 2018.

    Tech’s music may have drawn such an audience as it characterizes "bizarre hardcore rap" which is characterized by a choppy flow, purposely sounding as though his beats are that of a percussion instrument. Perhaps because his style is so unique and borrows from a variety of genres ranging from N.W.A., Schoolly D and Public Enemy, to ACDC, Elton John and Outkast, Tech has been able to develop a dedicated fanbase that has lasted throughout the years.

    Tech’s hip hop jewelry on the other hand stays more classic, with the pure money iced out chain, long gold chain and bling bling tennis chain. Scope his hip hop pendant, a symbol of the man himself that draws eyes and notoriety wherever he goes. If your style is as out there as Tech N9ne’s, Hip Hop Bling has the hip hop jewelry for you, with dope new creations and bling bling pendants for ALL the players out here putting in work.

    Through time Tech N9ne has made the rounds, collabling with some of the biggest names to define the game. You know them as Busta Rhymes, Yelawolf, Twista, T-Pain, Kendrick Lamar, Sway, Hopsin, Insane Clown Posse, Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, Canibus, Jay Rock, Trae Tha Truth, E-40, Machine Gun Kelly, Three 6 Mafia, Lil Wayne, Yukmouth, Jay-Z, Eminem and many more.

    What’s in the works for Tech today? He’s back at it in the studio, with N.I.N.A. announced and in production. Keep killin’ it Tech.

    Tech N9ne Discography

    • Studio Albums
    • The Calm Before the Storm
      • Released: November 9, 1999
      • Label: Midwestside (MWS 6621)
      • Format: CD, digital download
    • The Worst
      • Released: September 12, 2000
      • Label: Midwestside
      • Format: CD, digital download
    • Anghellic
      • Released: August 7, 2001
      • Label: Strange Music, JCOR Entertainment
      • Format: CD, digital download, cassette
    • Absolute Power
      • Released: September 24, 2002
      • Label: Strange Music, MSC Entertainment (MSC10012)
      • Format: CD, digital download
    • Everready (The Religion)
      • Released: November 7, 2006
      • Label: Strange Music (SMI 02 1N02)
      • Format: CD, digital download
    • Misery Loves Kompany
      • Released: July 17, 2007
      • Label: Strange Music (SMI 04)
      • Format: CD, digital download
    • Killer
      • Released: July 1, 2008
      • Label: Strange Music (SMI 48)
      • Format: CD, digital download
    • Sickology 101
      • Released: April 28, 2009
      • Label: Strange Music (SMI 54)
      • Format: CD, digital download
    • K.O.D.
      • Released: October 26, 2009
      • Label: Strange Music (SMI 64)
      • Format: CD, digital download
    • The Gates Mixed Plate
      • Released: July 27, 2010
      • Label: Strange Music
      • Format: CD, digital download
    • All 6’s and 7’s
      • Released: June 7, 2011
      • Label: Strange Music
      • Format: CD, digital download
    • Welcome to Strangeland
      • Released: November 8, 2011
      • Label: Strange Music
      • Format: CD, digital download
    • Something Else
      • Released: July 30, 2013
      • Label: Strange Music
      • Format: CD, digital download, LP
    • Strangeulation
      • Released: May 6, 2014
      • Label: Strange Music
      • Format: CD, digital download, LP
    • Special Effects
      • Released: May 4, 2015
      • Label: Strange Music
      • Format: CD, digital download, LP
    • Strangeulation Vol. II
      • Released: November 20, 2015
      • Label: Strange Music
      • Format: CD, digital download, LP
    • The Storm
      • Released: December 9, 2016
      • Label: Strange Music
      • Format: CD, digital download, LP
    • Dominion
      • Released: April 7, 2017
      • Label: Strange Music
      • Format: CD, digital download, LP
    • Strange Reign
      • Released: October 13, 2017
      • Label: Strange Music
      • Format: CD, digital download, LP
    • Planet
      • Released: March 2, 2018
      • Label: Strange Music
      • Format: CD, digital download, LP
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