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Torey Lanez Hip Hop Jewelry

Torey Lanez: Photo Credit The Come Up Show

Torey Lanez has made a name for himself over the years, and as one of Ontario’s other rappers Lanez has become well known and loved, just like Drake. Through collaboration with Meek Mill, the ASAP crew and others, this rapper has become a solid addition to the game. If you’re about that hip hop jewelry, scope his cool gold chain style and iced out bracelets- mark us, this man is a contender.

From Soulja Boy to performing on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Torey Lanez has been taking names and stirring controversy even with names like Drake. Having come up in GA, Cali and Texas, Lanez started dropping mixtapes back in 2009 in South Florida. From then on, he made it his mission to release mixtape after mixtape, helping solidify his place among names like Justin Bieber and Sean Kingston.

Having worked his way up through singles and appearances, Lanez eventually signed a contract with Interscope, dropping Chixtape III and The New Toronto shortly after.

While Lanez has taken shots at some of raps most beloved figures, he’s still a player of the game- one that knows his style’s on point. If you’ve ever seen him out, you’d recognize those dope af bling bling chains he wears around his neck. Whether it’s a new set of iced out rings or hip hop pendants, Torey Lanez is lookin’ young and fresh- if you’re out there hustlin’ out on the streets, Hip Hop Bling will have you repping just like Lanez, without a fraction of his bank.

Torey Lanez Discography

  • Studio Albums
  • I Told You
  • Released: August 19, 2016
  • Label: Mad Love, Interscope
  • Format: CD, LP, digital download
  • Memories Don’t Die
  • Released: March 2, 2018
  • Label: Mad Love, Interscope
  • Format: CD, LP, digital download
  • El Agua
  • Released: 2018
  • Label: Mad Love, Interscope
  • Format: CD, digital download
  • Love Me Now
  • Released: 2018
  • Label: Mad Love, Interscope
  • Format: CD, digital download