Bling bling jewelry is perhaps the most recognizable and most popular form of jewelry among young people across the nation and even in other countries. This style of over the top and flashiness has taken over school yards to crowded clubs. However, when shopping for bling bling jewelry, you must know the difference in the levels of quality. We’ll start with the cheapest grade stuff to the highest quality, rare bling bling.Finding Real Bling Bling Jewelry for a Fraction than High End Jewelers
Plastic – The cheapest jewelry in this genre is those sold at local malls, 25 cent machines and some low priced auction sites. While they may not look any different than other types of bling, the difference is definitely there when you wear it. The core is a platic like material that bends and breaks easy. The “plating” is simply a flash of silver or gold metallic paint that chips off very quickly. Stones are low grade cloudy imitations.

White Metal – White metal bling bling is decent quality, it is wearable without risk of easy breakage or discoloration. The sterling silver or gold plating is much better than the plastic type, but it will eventually rub off. The stones are higher quality Czech stones or other types of diamond simulates.

Brass – Brass is the best type of replica bling bling jewelry. The metal is durable and heavy. Plating is thick and the stones are usually genuine CZs. These are meant for longer wear so although it costs more, it’s well worth it if you plan to wear the piece for long. 

Sterling Silver – Now we’re crossing into the world of real bling bling. This is the highest grade of bling bling “replica”, if you can even call it that. The only difference between these pieces and the stuff costing thousands of dollars are the diamond stones rather than top quality CZs. Micropave or other types of rhodium coated sterling silver bling is the very best hip hop jewelry you can buy. Prices depend on labor and weight, just like gold and platinum jewelry. Find out more Micro Pave Jewelry Information

The Real deal – The real deal uses gold or platinum with diamond stones. It looks just like the sterling silver stuff and sometimes even the brass stuff if the jeweler isn’t that good. It is extremely expensive and often times depreciate the moment you wear it.

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