Dr Dre Net Worth

For all the players out there hustlin’, there’s the G’s whom have made up the mountain, but only a few have seen the peak of the hip hop game. Dr Dre, Diddy and Jay Z are the richest men in Hip Hop, all by diversifying.

Now you may have asked, what is Dr Dre’s net worth? How much does this playa have stocked away with all the Beats sales, production sales and entrepreneur dough? Dr. Dre has an estimated $830 Million locked away, accumulated over his illustrious career as a rapper, DJ, actor, entrepreneur and producer.

Starting off the come up in Compton, you know Dre was a founding member of the legendary N.W.A. alongside Ice Cube, Eazy E and DJ Yella, Dre has produced for 2Pac, Jay Z, and many others. He’s directly launched the careers of Snoop Dawg, Eminem, 50 Cent, Game and many others.

You know the name, he’s the head of his game- Dr. Dre is still killen’ it today.