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    Jay Z Net Worth: Photo Credit Flickr User The Come Up Show

    What Is Jay Z’s Net worth you ask?  This G is one of the Elite 3, second only to P Diddy when it comes to cash on hand. By the end of 2018 with lucrative real estate purchase, a massive comeoff from his tour with Beyonce and massive business contracts may actually put him in front of Puff.

    Between his contract with Live Nation (believed to be a cool $200M) Roc Nation Sports, a multitude of clothing, champagne, bar/ restaurants, JetSmarter and more, Hov’s got his cash spread between many ventures. While Tidal may have not been the biggest hit, Sprint purchased a 33% share of the service for a cool $200M, and as co-owner Jay Z gets a sizable chunk of that cash.

    Hov’s marriage to Beyonce brings her own sizable fortune into the fold- with multiple mansions and real estate options, these two aren’t hurting. Every day is a new hustle for the man, and you can bet he’s going to be turning heads decades from now.
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