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    Just where does Drake buy his jewelry? In reality most stars pull their jewelry from a variety of talent, but Jason of Beverly Hills, the Jeweler to the Stars is a go-to for all those willing to pay top-dollar for a one of a kind piece.

    Chains, pendants, rings, all the biggest pieces Jason’s covered. In this case, Jason made Drake’s Scorpion piece to coincide with the drop of the album- normally big names come to Jason with a rough idea and Jason creates a work of art, but in this case Drizzy was down to the detail in creative design, from materials to colors and finish.

    Jason has worked with Mariah Carey, Jennifer Lopez, Rihanna, he even designed the family crest necklace for Michael Jackson.

    If you’re looking to bust out a high end hip hop piece but still are low on cash, Hip Hop Bling’s got the dopest iced out pendants and chains to have you repping like the OVO king, without a fraction of his bankroll. Scope them new pendants and chains today!

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