2 Chainz has been laying down tracks before many of today’s rappers hit the scene, but he’s still out there killing it with fresh new beats. As a man who’s garnered a reputation for the finer things in life, fans know that 2 Chainz tastes can be a bit extravagant- but what must he have in his day to day hustle? What does he carry on him at all times? Below are 10 things 2 Chainz can’t live without.

  • Rolling Paper
    • 2 Chainz grabs his rolling papers first thing in the morning- if you can, go for organic rolling papers made in Spain.
  • Lighter
    • Any will do, but go custom if you can. Things you use every day, invest in something quality to kill the headaches lesser quality items accrue.
  • Wallet
    • A ballin wallet that’s comfortable, durable and spacious is a must. You’ve got to have all your papers at a moment’s notice if need be.
  • Airpods
    • Call them “lifesavers,” you know you love something because as soon as you think you lost them, the whole world needs to stop. 2 Chainz loves them for the same reason that we do, and is currently listing to “Rap Or Go To The League.”
  • Phone
    • Gotta have it for the kids, the broke ass people back home and to keep up to date. Always. Have enough money available at all times if necessary to buy 10 brand new iPhones. Essential. In fact, 2 Chainz likes to facetime so much if you don’t have an iPhone he’ll buy you one.
  • Cash
    • Cash is King. At any time 2 Chainz may carry around 10stacks on him for the every day needs. He wants something? He gets it.
  • Lip Balm
    • Lip Therapy by Vaseline is a go to for all those who smoke, cracked funky lips is a no go both for the ladies and day to day life. Get some. Period.
  • Gum
    • Even if it’s sugarless 2 Chainz keeps gum on him to give him energy and freshen the breath- especially if you’re going to be in people’s faces.
  • Brush
    • Keeping clean is the name of the game, and 2 Chains likes to look and feel fresh. He goes for rough bristles on one side and soft on the other- for best results though, you may want to steal it from your daughters like 2 Chainz did. “Take care of yourselves…”- Tony told you so.
  • Water
    • THE most essential thing out of everything 2 Chainz keeps with him. It’s his pre-workout, during workout and after, his dessert, his wakeup, his everything. Fiji water is his go-to.
  • BONUS - Cologne
    • Get something that works for you, and know that the same cologne can and will smell different on different people.

So what are your thoughts? Could you live without something that 2 Chainz mentioned, or you see something on the list that you’re going to start carrying?

Let us know in the comments below, and remember that when you’re about those iced out rings, dope chains and bling bracelets like 2 Chainz is rocking hit up those links, and explore Hiphopbling.com.

March 06, 2019 — Admin Account

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