If you pay attention to the game in any small regard, you know or at least know of DJ Akademiks- as the head of a Youtube empire, the entertainment hip hop personality grosses a massive income daily through the use of ads on his daily videos. With upwards of 35 Million views on a single channel’s videos since his channel opened in 2015, Akademiks has become a powerful voice in hip hop and holds the talking heads and attention of millions.

Real talk, daily DJ Akademiks makes an estimated $1,400 a day from his videos. Do the math, that’s $510,000 a year. Now it’s not a big splash like some artists may see their first year, but it’s consistent, and has Akademiks pulling in steady bank. So much so, that in 2019 Dj Akademik’s net worth is estimated to be northwards of $6.5 Million.

With more than 1 Million active subscribers, Akademiks is set to continue his growth in the coming years- life is fickle though, and he needs to continue to create engaging content to support is channel. Having served as Rutgers University radio DJ he’s got the experience though and barring some personal scandal, he’s set to make even more Q2 this year and beyond. Power to him, whether you respect his views or not- the man’s an entertainment powerhouse.

Photo credit- aGOODoutfit.com, all credits and rights reserved

March 20, 2019 — Admin Account

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