Fetty Wap, otherwise known as Willie Maxwell II (we can see why he goes by the Wap), is a sleeper rapper with a hardcore fanbase, a bit like MF Doom, but bigger and badder. Making a name for himself in 2014 with his hit single Trap Queen, the rapper, singer and songwriter is still making occasional waves in the headlines- most recently for dropping a fistful of Benjamins on a college crowd. Being in and out of the news may lead some to think that’s hurt his bottom-line but the facts remain the one-eyed singer still has more bank than much more recognizable names that make a splash and disappear.

Ever since dropping his first single which subsequently went viral, Fetty (a synonym for “money”, the more you know) has worked with some of the best know hip hop artists in the game- even had his tracks remixed by Drake himself. Today Fetty Wap is worth northwards of a net worth of $8 Million, more than Thugger, more than Cardi B, Lil Pump and many of today’s artists.

When the time comes for rappers to put up, Fetty Wap has been consistent in his delivery. Love or hate him, he does has a single that hit 69th on the Hot 100 Billboard charts, and a passionate fanbase- we’re looking forward to seeing what else he puts out in the coming years, and wish him all the best.

March 21, 2019 — Admin Account

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