The internet is no stranger to 50 Cent trolling and clowning around, and it's created some rifts over the years. 50 don't mind, as apparent to him shouting out Busta Rhymes last year for "the strongest neck in hip hop." 

Instead of rolling with it or brushing the instigator off, Busta took offense to this comment, leading to some back and forth spats with the two artists throwing light verbal jabs at eachother. Ironically, when 50 goes to genuinely compliment someone it's hard to tell when he's serious. 

In a recent instagram post, 50 praised Busta's gym gains, saying "Damn it man, Busta arms the size of my leg. LOL WHAT TF is going on BUS". The "LOL" and the laughing emoji's may turn this compliment on its head though. 

August 25, 2019 — Admin Account

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