With the release of his newest album So Much Fun, Young Thug has been doing an unusual amount of press- at least by Thugger's standards. He's on the grind if his sit down with The Fader is anything to prove, announcing a new body of work in the studio. 

Hopping on Big Boy Radio, Young Thug went on to talk about a variety of topics, from his relationship with Weezy to even his sexuality. 

Wait, what? That's correct, apparently Young Thug will not have a threesome with another man in the room. Questions concerning his sexuality have been rampant, but apparently Thugger wanted to set the record straight. With his flamboyant record and penchant for wearing dresses, apparently he felt the need to reassert himself on his heterosexuality. 


 "People judge me and people say I'm gay but it's like, at one point, I probably had more hoes... you know what I'm saying? It's serious," he said. "So if people think that I'm gay, they already misjudged me. I'm the straightest man in the world. I hate guys, like what? Fuck you talking about? I'm not even having no threesomes [with a guy.]"


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#YoungThug says he’s not gay

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