Shocking alert to all those in hip hop, Charlamagne tha God has a controversial opinion. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion on their favorite artists, however as very public figures, both Charlamagne and Joe Budden have been agitating the scene  since their arrival - admittedly to solid results for their own careers. 

Speaking recently with Rhapsody, Charlamagne tha God shared his opinion, just that - that Kendrick Lamar and Rhapsody were a tier above J Cole.

"It's just my opinion. I put Kendrick, Rapsody, and that's the tier. And then everybody else."

The rapper tried to rebuke Charlamagne, seeing if he would have included J. Cole in the same territory. Responding, he said "No. He's a tier below to me. Not saying he ain't dope! It's just my personal opinion."

August 21, 2019 — Admin Account

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