The Raiders have absolutely no clue where Antonio Brown is, or what the status of his foot injury is - two weeks into training camp to boot. 

If you're not in the know, AB did not use proper foot protection during his stay in a cryotherapy machine and his feet became frostbitten. Now shortly after that Brown just up and disappeared.

Chase Williams of WPXI from Pittsburgh reported the Raiders have quote "zero clue" where in the world Antonio Brown has gone off too, with all communication channels between them and the star player "radio silent."

Chris Simms explained AB's nasty foot condition during a Tuesday PFT Live hot take on the situation, saying layers of skin are currently falling off due to an unidentified fungus caused by the frostbite. Furthermore, Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network claimed AB was checked in as a day-to-day patient at a local foot specialist.

Team owner Mark Davis at the moment doesn't seem entirely concerned though - in a recent interview with The Atlantic he seemed enthusiastic about AB's work ethic during practice- 

“You’d have to ask someone else about that,” Davis said, according to The Athletic. “I’m an ‘M.D.,’ but I’m not a foot doctor. But I’ll say this, just watching him [when he did] practice, nobody works harder than this guy. And I’ve seen some of the best, Cliff [Branch] and everyone else. Antonio doesn’t have the straight-line speed that Cliff had, but he might have more football speed. And the way he can control it and everything.”


August 09, 2019 — Admin Account

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