Back in 2017 Beyonce and Cardi B may have had a blockbuster #1 hit on their hands, but now the world may never know. Often times when an unfortunate internet leak happens, artists go ahead and release the full version of the song in an official format. According to the producer J White Did It, the two superstars originally were in the process of laying down bars when the recordings came to a screeching halt. 

If J White Did It sounds familiar, he's the man behind Cardi B's hit "Bodak Yellow" and Megan Thee Stallion's "Savage." The man knows his business. Sitting down to talk about the incident he said the following- 

"I was just as giddy as everybody else. I was sitting there just waiting, looking on the internet then it leaked... Bro, three years ago I had a Beyoncé play with Cardi and that kinda went sour because it went viral that they was doing a song together and that cut out," J White said. "This time the song leaked before the song came out... But listen, that song came out when I say I sat like this," he said, breaking to sit in silence "For like, ten minutes."

Had the collaboration made an official debut we can only guess where it would have landed on the charts. What are your thoughts? Comment below and let us know, and tell us which woman you think reigns supreme as the Queen of Hip Hop. 

May 12, 2020 — Admin Account

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