It's 2020 fam, if you're talking about snitching there's a good chance Tekashi is somewhere involved. The young rapper made a name for himself snitching on his peers to reduce his sentence. 69 has been in the news again for his rabid fans and early pandemic release - and it seems like the whole 69 situation prompted Gucci Mane to drop a hint. 

"I Never Have and Never Will Snitch on Nobody, I'll Do My Time," said Gucci. While it's not clear if the comment was aimed at Tekashi or anyone at all, with the rainbow rapper in the news recently we can only assume who Gucci's target is. 

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Gucci of course within the past few years has gotten out of jail himself, then promptly got married. He's no stranger to legal conundrums, however it sounds as though he'd much rather do his time than rat on his friends. We're sure that message alone earned him some loyalty.

Snitching is generally frowned upon, but based on Tekashi's recent chartings, it truly seems like the younger generation of rap fans just doesn't care at all.
May 11, 2020 — Admin Account

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