Bhad Bhabie has certainly become a household name and recently she has been fighting back against body shamers. Recently, she shared a photo of herself by the pool in a swimsuit and her fans/followers and those who decided to comment tore her to shreds, attacking the way she looks, stating that she is too skinny. In response to the haters, the viral sensation let her followers know that weighing in on 87 pounds is considered a healthy weight for someone her height. 

People continued to try and make the 18 year old rapper feel bad about herself, leading BB to reply to one fan who asked what type of cosmetic work shes had done. She decided to shed some light, letting her followers know that she tried to enhance her rear, and it didn't exactly work.

"Nothing has ever worked for me," admitted Bhad Bhabie. "I've tried silicone shots and sculptra it don't stick and I don't think I got enough silicone but trust me when I do find something that will work you will know Bc imma have a big ass bootyyyyy."

Even last year, the rapper had to speak out against body shamers who suggested she looked different. 

"Stop making up shit I don't have any surgery's... leave me tf alone," she added.

Take a look at Bhad Bhabie's recent photos below, as well as her reply regarding cosmetic procedures.

September 01, 2021 — Peter Tosto

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