By now, unless you live under a rock, you have probably been made aware of DaBaby making some absolutely ridiculous comments at the Rolling Loud Concert. He has yet to come out ahead of his comments and the cancel culture has been brutal to him, rightfully so. Last month, the rapper made insensitive comments at Rolling Loud festival that were deemed homophobic. DaBaby teetered with an apology after his comments started affecting his payroll - he was quickly getting dropped from several festivals. 

Since then, the rapper has met with nine HIV awareness organizations to gain more education on the matter. He has also offered another apology about his comments that he made during the Rolling Loud festival after he heard personal stories from those living with HIV. 

The nine organizations wrote an open letter to DaBaby offering him to have a conversation after making homophobic and misinformed comments about HIV at the festival. The organizations felt it would be better to call on him rather than call him out. 

The organizations shared a positive response to the meeting, describing DaBaby as being genuinely engaged and offering an apology for what he realized was hurtful comments about HIV, as well as the impact it had on marginalized groups within the LGBTQ+ and Black communities.

August 31, 2021 — Peter Tosto

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