Tekashi 6ix9ine has unleashed a flury of trolling words on social media, this time aimed at Blueface. While not the first time the pair of rappers have exchanged words, 6ix9ine jumped in on the comments about a new tattoo that Blueface got. "He definitely owed them money for unpayed jewelry," he wrote alongside laughing emojis. Later, Blueface responded with his own flury of heat. 

"Kids hungry daddy hungry but you claim [cap emoji] to walk around with 'so much money' [cap] that's a dam shame @akademiks @6ix9ine." Blueface was referencing reports that stated 6ix9ine's actual father was homeless and allegations from Sara Molina that 6ix9ine doesn't provide for their daughter.

"Stop talkin like you getting money bro you clearly don't got it." 6ix9ine shared a video of his own where he is seen at a jewelry store trolling Blueface and in the caption, he added, "One hit wonder problems." The trolling continued on Blueface's end as he shared images of Sara Molina's injuries that she allegedly received from 6ix9ine. The California rapper also posted a video of 6ix9ine admitting to attacking Molina.

This current shade battle seems like it is far from over. Check some of the posts out below for yourself. 

July 09, 2021 — Peter Tosto

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