Rihanna and A$AP Rocky seem to be inseparable at this point and they were recently spotted in NYC out on a date-night. The duo rolled around NYC in Rocky's white Rolls Royce Cllinan, the newest and hottest SUV to hit the luxury car market for celebs.  With the Cullinan starting price of roughly $330,000 USD, its safe to say that no matter where they were going, the two were in for a good time. 

The esteemed tandem rolled around New York City in Rocky’s white Rolls Royce Cullinan when they were ultimately caught pulling up to the studio. Mentioned in reference to Saweetie being gifted a Rolls-Royce truck herself, the Cullinan starts from roughly $330,000, so it's safe to say these two were in for a good time no matter where they were going.

In other news, there is nothing more promising than hearing that Rihanna was caught going back to the studio. Maybe we can expect some new songs from RiRi? 

July 08, 2021 — Peter Tosto

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