Chris Brown is being accused as pulling a "Mr. Steal Yo Girl," and while the Breezy fanbase runs deep, you have to question sometimes why they do. 

Flirting with both Rihanna and Ammika Harris on social, Breezy is being accused of causing the breakup between Chris Sales and his current girlfriend Savay. Now Sales has a child with the singer Queen Najja and dated Parker Mckenna, but thought his relationship with Savay was looking up. Until he saw messages from Chris Brown on her phone. 

Sails was on Instagram live and one of his viewers commented about his relationship status- "Yes, I'm single," he said. "Bruh, she was talkin' to Chris Brown, man. I seen messages. I looked at her phone. N*gga blowing her sh*t up like, who the f*ck is this? It's Chris Brown. They textin' and sh*t, all type of sh*t while we together."

After getting caught, Savay tried to throw it back and claimed that the only reason she was talking to Breezy was that Sails wasn't truthful with her- "Yeah, so what i talked to chris brown at least he didn't lie to me." She added, "Tell chris stop texting my phone go f*ck wicho groupies."


October 24, 2019 — Admin Account

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