LaVar Ball's Big Braller Brand is officially dead after a stunning turn of events - although lets be real, it's been on its way out for a while. 

After it was revealed that the BBB co-founder Alan Foster stole $1.5 Million from Lonzo Ball, Lonzo has covered up his BBB tattoo and both he and LaMelo have ditched their BBB sneakers. Perhaps the most telling sign is that the official BBB site has been redirected to Alan Foster's personal homepage. 

This petty act was undertaken by Foster as his latest act of revenge having previously accused LaVar of embezzling a whopping $2.5 million from BBB to support his lifestyle choices. Furthermore, Foster claims he loaned out $130,000 to support Lonzo while living at UCLA. 

""During Lonzo's first semester at UCLA, he complained to LaVar and Alan that his dorm room had poor air conditioning and he hated UCLA's meal plan," the suit alleges, per ESPN. "Lonzo and LaVar asked Alan if he would rent an apartment or condominium for Lonzo, pay for Lonzo's personal trainer ... including furnishings and laptops. Plus, pay for Lonzo's food bills."




October 23, 2019 — Admin Account

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