Lebron James and the Lakers took the big L on their opening night against the Clippers. Last night was big, the NBA season kicked off, Shaq dropped some truth and the Lakers lost to their cross-town rivals by 10 points. 

Of the two big games the Toronto Raptors took on the New Orleans Pelicans for which the Raptors came out on top in overtime - the Lakers played right after and the dream team everyone was hoping for just didn't show up. 

Kawhi Leonard was able to carry the team without Paul George in the lineup, scoring 30 points in his debut with the Clippers. Lebron said it himself after the game, the Lakers have a lot of work to do and things to clean up to be better - to be a team that can beat the Clippers. 

Lebron talked about a few moral victories, but he only came away with 18 points himself - which has to be a lot better if the team expects to win nightly games. It's a start, and there's potential. The Lakers face off against the Utah Jazz this Friday Oct 25th.

October 23, 2019 — Admin Account

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