Future is...Future man not exactly be thinking about the future with his actions and slew of baby mommas. Just like groundhog day the nightmare of another legal fight is coming up against Future, this time with a woman by the name of Eliza Seraphin. 

Claiming Future is the father of her baby daughter Reign - now rumor has it that Future already fathered his 7th child with the model, but never acknowledged it. Of course Future is trying to dodge the case claiming Eliza is pushing a fraud case. 

But the nightmare for Future doesn't stop there - over the summer a new name was thrown into the mix, Cindy Ranae Parker claimed that her son Legend Wilburn was inf act Future's 8th child. 

Parker has both attempted to serve Future court papers and privately have him take a DNA test, but has been unsuccessful on both fronts. She's filed a court document stating Future as the father, and has taken to social media to further her cause. 

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MINE 💕 @reignwilburn #babyreign

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